The problem of large classrooms

As public schools cram more students into classrooms that are not expanding and desks only seem to be shrinking, students lose control in shaping their learning experiences and teachers lose the ability to adapt to their students’ needs.

The solution using innovative technology and education pedagogy

Students use a slider to input how they feel about the material at any point throughout the class, and teachers see a line graph of average student slider values, and two pie charts displaying counts of slider values above and below a threshold value set by the teacher. This allows teachers to view both real-time and over-time averaged data of class engagement, and adjust accordingly.

Unique features catered to your needs

Each feature is thoroughly designed to increase engagement in the classroom and minimize distractions.

Engagement index

Students have non-verbal means to communicate their level of understanding through a sleek, real-time slider.

Real-time feedback

Teachers can view real-time statistics of class slider values through data visuals and adapt accordingly.

Custom classrooms

Unique classroom codes are generated for students to enter the teacher's custom Engage section at that time and date.

Engage demo

Take a look at this quick introduction of how Engage works for students and teachers!

Meet the Team!

We're a group of passionate student developers at the University of California, Berkeley

Shubha Jagannatha

Co-founder, iOS Developer

Shubha is a third-year at UC Berkeley and an iOS developer with Engage. She's passionate about creative uses of emerging technology, entrepreneurship, and social impact.

Michelle Mao

Co-Founder, Android Developer

Michelle is a third-year EECS undergraduate at UC Berkeley and co-founder of Engage. She focuses her energy on two things: womxn empowerment and improving STEM education.

Lucy Liu

Android Developer

Lucy is a second-year EECS undergraduate at UC Berkeley and an Android Developer for Engage. She is passionate about creating social impact with technology, and entrepreneurship.

Amy Hung

iOS Developer

Amy is a third year Electrical Engineering and Computer Science student. She is involved with teaching undergraduate students in CS courses on the UC Berkeley campus, and is passionate about improving computer science education.

Deepali Jain

Android Developer

Deepali is a second-year studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley and an Android Developer for Engage. She's passionate about emerging technologies and computer science education.

Micah Yong

iOS Developer

Micah is a second-year studying computer science and data science at UC Berkeley and an iOS developer with Engage. He’s passionate about solving complex problems—particularly at the intersection of technology and social good.

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